Women's Love Affair With Luxury Handbags

There is no doubting the fact that women have an ongoing love affair with luxury handbags. Purse blogs or e-magazines and comments on purse forums indicate that some women are actually obsessed with them. There are women who actually own hundreds of luxury handbags which collectively are worth thousands of dollars. Social media and Dr Google publish images of the well-to-do, celebrities and royals who are seen out and about with different bag for each outfit. They come in various colors to match each shade and style of their outfits.

It is easy for the rich and famous, celebrities and royals have to have a large collection of luxury handbags. But the typical working woman or the stay at home mum can hardly afford to pay such high prices to realise her dream. The actuality is that most bag-loving women will go without other things in order to fulfil her desire for a new bag.

What sacrifice would you have been prepared to make to bid for the Hermes Birkin which recently sold at auction for over $200,000? Made of exquisite pink crocodile skin, it is adorned with 18 carat gold hardware and genuine diamonds. The basic Hermes will cost at least $8000, and you will probably have to be on a waiting list to get it!

Luxury handbags these days do not sell for much less than $500. In Fact, many of the more exclusive fashion houses sell their bags for well over $1000. I personally would have to save up for a long to be the proud owner of one of these amazing accessories.

While the ultimate 21st-century object of desire, luxury handbags are the not just for the well-to-do, celebrities and royals, but also for working women from all walks of life as well. Now, women of all ages are likely to spend more on a handbag than a holiday, jewelry or even a car. They all have this hidden desire to be noticed.

Clothes actually can take second place to luxury handbags. For instance, an ad made in 2007 featuring Kate Moss lying naked on a beach with nothing on except for her Longchamp handbag. Their message was clear: clothes are redundant - it's all about the bag.

So why do women have this love affair with luxury handbags? One of the reasons is because they have become a personal fashion statement illustrating a woman's wealth and status. They also point out how fashion conscious a woman is, and demonstrates her position and earning power. It is also because the ever growing popularity of the large purse, which over the previous 100 years or so, has followed the emergent social independence of women.

Previously a woman's role was typically domestic and she would carry her personal things in a purse tucked into the folds of her skirt or in a small purse she carried discretely. But as women ventured more from the home, both for leisure and work, larger purses became a useful way of taking their stuff with them. Eleanor Roosevelt is said to have started the trend of using a large purse as a fashion accessory

Another reason why luxury handbags became more popular was the fact that rail and sea travel became more accessible, so there was more demand for fashionable luggage such as suitcases, dressing cases, as well as hat and shoe boxes. This lead to the development of the modern leather handbag.

It is not surprising, therefore that many of today's top fashion houses, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Hermes, originated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. And as women attained financial independence, the handbag industry flourished out of all proportion to its modest beginnings.

However, the way we feel about owning right handbag goes far deeper than just being a way to carry our personal effects. Both revealing and concealing, luxury handbags also embodies a feeling that is extremely private to its owner. This feeling is due to the fact that the handbag was first designed as a silk purse or pocket worn hidden, close to our body. Then, pockets were thought of as underwear - a secret place, hidden under layers of material and assessable only by an intimate opening in the skirt.

These feelings of intimacy did not disappear when the first luxury handbags were carried in the late 18th century. Called reticules, these purses were beautifully embroidered pouches with handles in damask, satin or velvet. Women used them to carry cosmetics, a fan for flirtation, smelling salts and carte de visite, all without compromising the slim-line fit of the Empire-line dress that were popular then.

At first, the idea of a woman revealing her personal bits and pieces to the outside world was as shameful as if she had taken off her knickers and waved them in the air. Thus, reticules were often labelled "ridicules" by those not ready to accept the change.

Luxury handbags were, and still are, seen as sexual objects because of the intimacy which in the past was associated with them, The expression "old bag" was used to refer to a woman who was passed her sexual prime and grumpy old women who show no emotion or feeling for others are still called that today.

Luxury handbags still have their sex appeal because they are so closely linked to all of our intimate belongings. A large purse is our survival kit which holds all our personal necessities which these days include a mobile phone, tampons, make-up, money and keys, to hair straighteners, laptops, I-phones, chewing gum, condoms to a change of clothes. Accordingly, its intimate appeal remains secret. Men are intrigued about what a woman carries in her bag, but would never dare to invade its privacy.

Bag-loving women feel naked without their luxury handbags. They believe that it is your bag, rather than your clothes, which make you stand out from the crowd. Even if your clothes are old and drab, a nice-looking bag makes you look and feel good.

Hence, the handbag industry has experienced unbelievable growth in the past few decades. By the mid-2000's sales of bags were on the rise at a rate which was twice as high as the rate of clothes. The major fashion houses now make millions of dollars a year from the sale of luxury handbags alone.

So what are the features that set luxury handbags apart? The first thing is that they must have an exclusive design. They have to be instantaneously identifiable as a leading brand, e.g. Fendi, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton or from other fashion house. Fashion houses usually have their signature designs and this helps with branding as well.

Another significant feature for desirable luxury handbags is glamour and appeal. Naturally this is discovered when a particular brand is linked to a celebrity e.g.the famous Hermes Kelly bag which was originally produced in 1935, was not until bestseller until 1956. The bag shot to fame when the newlywed, Princess Grace of Monaco, was photographed for the cover of Time magazine shielding her pregnant belly with a classic Hermes bag. The handbag in question consequently became known as the Kelly bag in her honour. Fashion writers promoted the association between bag and star: Carrying a Kelly bag is still synonymous with class and old money.

Similarly, the Lady Dior became a sensation in 1994 when Princess Diana took to wearing it around town after she separated from Prince Charles. This handbag is a seductive combination of briefcase and handbag which has distinctive gold charms. It illustrated an attentive woman who was, on the other hand, glamorous and sophisticated. Currently, social media can endorse the status and demand for an individual bag just by been photographed on the arm of a style icon, celebrity or royal like Princess Kate Middleton.

Astute marketing undeniably plays an important role in creating a must-have bag. Whereas celebrities may be able to get their hands on the latest luxury handbags, for the working woman it is much more problematic, regardless of how much money they want to spend. Many high-status bags are inaccessible and may have waiting lists extending up to three years. The Hermes Birkin is in this category.

Women's innate competitiveness is ingeniously managed by the best bag designers. For example. In 2005, Alexander McQueen drove customer demand to a peak when he made it known that the launch of his new designer bag was a limited with only 200 ever to be produced. It then became the ultimate fashion trophy and sold out before a waiting list was even compiled. This bag was called the Novak after Kim Novak, the legendary blonde actress who starred in Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 masterpiece Vertigo. Prices started at £550 and went up to a massive £6,000 for the deluxe crocodile version.

It appears that a price tag does not discourage those obsessed with bags. In fact, fashion houses have worked out that a high price tag seems to enhance the desire to own it. There obviously is an endless willingness to splash out on designer bags.

Luxury handbags will last a lifetime if cared for properly. Some iconic styles come and go, some keep their value and others increase in value. However, it is only a minority that have the right qualities to become iconic. To become iconic, a bag is not just superbly well designed but it also surpasses time. The following brands have earned the right to call a bag iconic: Hermes Kelly, the Fendi Baguette, the Marc Jacobs's Stam, the YSL Muse and the Mulberry Roxanne.

All of these luxury handbags share one thing in common; a clear, clean line; nothing fussy or over-designed, and a mixture of functionality with indulgence. An iconic bag earns its standing from the best traditions of pedigree, quality and craftsmanship. As it ages, an iconic bag will look as good as it did on the day it was bought. And, for a true bag lover, that is worth all the money spent on it.

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How to Dress Up, Beyond the Dress

If you hate to shop then you most likely run out of steam after finding the clothes - accessories seem way too overwhelming to consider. Then when the day of the event arrives and you get dressed you wish you had found the time and energy to go the extra mile!

I'll make it easy for you! Let's talk about coats and shrugs and handbags, oh my!

Keeping Warm

Yes, women are wearing sleeveless all year round even in the frigid northeast winters, but if you, like me, cannot bear the thought of shivering all evening or grabbing an old, worn out cardigan from your dresser or even having some poor man take pity on you and throw his jacket over your shoulders, then planning ahead a bit will help.

Whether you are wearing a dress or pants with a sleeveless top, here are some ideas:

A gorgeous jacket can dress up a basic little black dress. If it is nicely fitted it will look good over a dress, with black pants or a pair of dark wash (or black) jeans. All you need is pretty earrings and a bracelet, if you are so inclined, and you are good to go.

Or, maybe you just want to cover your upper arms a bit but don't need a lot of added warmth. Then, a wrap will do the trick and it's hands-free - no fussing with wraps that come unwrapped!

If you don't need to be so dressy but don't want to feel like you are wearing your work or ultra casual clothes to the event, try a pretty understated velvet jacket.

Add a Fun, Pretty Handbag

Does this sound familiar... you get dressed and look great AND THEN, as you are leaving the house you reach for your everyday handbag. Bam! The outfit loses something immediately. We've all done it!

You do not have to choose a handbag that is a teeny, tiny clutch or is loaded with sparkles. Just find a more refined or smaller bag to complete your outfit... something in which you can put your wallet (or driver's license, cash and a credit card), lipstick, keys, cell phone and whatever else you need (eyeglasses? medication?). It doesn't have to be the size of Milwaukee to fit the bill.

In fact, sometimes even if your outfit is very basic - nice jeans and a pretty sweater, let's say, if you add a fun handbag, everything (including your attitude) brightens.

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Along with the handbag, your coat is something that is easy to overlook... until the 11th hour. The last thing you want to do is throw on the parka you wear to walk the dog when you are feeling festive and elegant.

A beautiful coat is an investment in your wardrobe - something you will have for years and you will smile every time you go out and put it on-delighted at how smart you were to get something so beautiful and practical!

Do you avidly watch shows like "What Not to Wear" and think "if only I could have a wardrobe makeover," but you can't see how the transformation would translate for you? Then I can help. Over the past 23 years as a fashion stylist in the Boston area, I have found that many women are ignoring, hiding or are just plain unaware of their innate beauty. Believe it or not, you do not have to be rich and famous or young and thin to have the look you dream of. Yes, with a little guidance you can learn how to dress with joy and ease.

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How to Shop Online for Clothing and Do It Well

Shopping online can be scary, especially for clothing and dresses for women, as items usually look completely different once they're put on than they do hanging in the store. However the amazing deals that can be taken advantage of online are worth the effort for most.

Thankfully, taking some things into consideration before purchasing clothing online can make the experience more successful and give one a better turnout with their shipment. Becoming an online shopping pro can be fun and rewarding.

Know What's Desired First

When one knows exactly what they're searching for; for example dresses for women, then there will be no impulse buying. There are dedicated sites for buyers so they'll be taken right to a site that features the piece they are looking for.

Have a list and know what already is in the core wardrobe so that it's not duplicated. A basic black dress is one staple that should be considered if it's not already owned.

Set a Budget

For each piece of clothing have an idea of what is willing to be spent. Having a well fitted dress is super important. Keep in mind great deals can be found online, but with a set budget one will not go overboard and still fill their closet with new styles of dresses for women that will be perfect for every occasion.

Also, set aside some for shoes and accessories that can be picked out later after the styles are chosen.

Focus on Fit

With a little research a woman can figure out what fit is best for her. There are four basic body styles that have comparable fits that will flatter. They are apple, banana, pear and hourglass shapes.

There are several online sites that will tell a person what styles work with their body. Then remember that the dresses for women can be altered. It doesn't hurt to know personal measurements as well so that the fit guide on each site can be checked.

Compare Prices

Go to a local mall or store and then search for comparable or lower prices online for the same dresses for women. Price isn't the most important thing, but the reputation of the company is. There will often be reviews of the products for one to browse.

In addition, make sure they have a good return policy on items so that way if they don't fit or come with flaws that are unacceptable then they can be returned with ease. Save the shipping receipt and the box so items can be sent back to the correct place, usually the fulfillment centre for the online store.

Don't forget Shipping

Many forget that shipping will be added on upon checkout. There will be various options such as 2-day, 3-day and regular with varying costs. So in addition to budgeting for dresses for women add in the shipping so that it all comes out as planned.

Look for Sales

Often when shopping online for dresses for women or other items one can take advantage of great sales and deals. They often come in the form of a code. Examples are free shipping, a percentage off for first time buyers, and seasonal values.

Sales can usually be found at holidays and in the off season and some online stores have a clearance section. It pays to search for deals so that one can get more for their money, and more is always better!

In closing, there are great deals to be had online for dresses for women, suits for men and a variety of clothing for all body shapes and all ages.

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Preparing to Start a Handbag Shopping Session

Everyone knows that women cannot own just one or two bags. A woman must own various types of bags useful for everyday use, for a wild night, for parties or casual meetings. Not to mention that they must come in a variety of shades and colors to make sure that they fit every outfit easily.

Designer bags

What woman can say no to a designer bag? I don't think there is one. But the problem with these bags is that most often they are expensive and not everyone can afford them. So, when you are in this situation, here is a great solution for you: wholesale handbags. With the wholesale bags you will be able to invest your money into quality bags signed by the greatest designers in the world. And the prices will be significantly lower than in the shops.


As you can imagine, shopping is not that easy. It requires a couple of tips that you always have to remember when you are buying your favorite bags. Start by choosing a label. If you are not decided, write all those brands on a piece of paper. It is advisable to have an idea about what you want when shopping for wholesale bags. So, in this situation, the proper thing to do is encounter the dealers that distribute the stuff that you need.

Finding the proper dealer

Lucky for you, this is quite easy. Create an account on the site of the designer that you have chosen and search through the listing of the stores which carry their bags. Get in touch with them and ask for the wholesaler or the distributor. Another idea would be to contact the brand company and ask for guidance in this matter.


In case you buy your bags from genuine distributors, the risks are not very high. They have the ability to guarantee you quality products and complete services. Unfortunate surprises or poor services will be a bad memory since here you will get only the things you asked for, with efficiency and rapidity.


Just because the bags exposed have a lower price it doesn't mean that you won't have to pay a certain sum for them. Designer bags never come cheap! So if you are not a designer bags nut, other options are still available. A little more research is recommended but it is not impossible to find the right bag at a convenient price. Even if you order bags that are not signed by famous designers, this doesn't mean that you have to be out of style. Search well before making a purchase of this type.


Other important tips that have to be kept in mind are the size or style of the bag. When purchasing wholesale handbags, you have to be aware that some bags are bigger and fit more things in them (perfect for traveling or short trips) while others are small and suited for a party or special occasion. The latter ones are meant to fit small things like your phone, a lip gloss, tissues and other similar stuff necessary for a party.

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Discounts in Terms of Handbags - Every Woman's Dream

Wholesale prices are the greatest thing that can happen to those who have a passion for designer handbags. You will find a large variety of wholesale dealers that display interesting discounts on gorgeous bags signed by designers. The secret to the fascinating low prices for the bags is that distributors purchase the items in a big quantity straight from the factory. This trick helps all the ladies that are looking to purchase beautiful and stylish bags made by designers but who cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on them. The wholesale dealers offer bags with amazing discounts.

Taking into account that there are so many distributors or dealers nowadays, purchasing bags at convenient prices is no longer an issue. The price can be reduced in many circumstances like discounts, special offers and various others tricks. This way, women can buy trending bags without having to make a loan at the bank.

During shopping, every woman stops at some handbags wholesaler. This way everyone can remain in style paying reasonable prices. The stores which deal with wholesale products own fashionable brands and display them at prices that make every other store jealous. It doesn't matter what you are looking for (clutches or handbags that can be worn on special occasions, formal or office bags, sporty ones that can carry around different useful objects) because the offer available can suit everyone's needs and desires.

The discounts are the greatest things about wholesale distributors. With them you won't have to wait in line to catch a big offer, some coupons or discounts in order to purchase the bag of your dreams are enough. Buying bags this way will become your newest hobby since you will manage to save more, as the prices are lower than on the market. Just imagine you can buy them for yourself, for friends, relatives and so on. And bulk buying will be a delight. If you have to buy great bags for your bridesmaids or souvenirs for your college friends, bulk bags are the right answer.

The advantages do not stop here of course. Besides the discounts and low prices, the all year-long offer is another thing that gets ladies to buy lots of handbags. This way you will not be depressed about missing any offers and you will afford buying bags all year-long. It doesn't matter if you are on the lookout for a bag for yourself or for others. Wholesale dealers will offer you only the best quality and services.

Online is the first place where you can search for wholesale dealers. There is nothing that you can't find on the Internet. Google or Yahoo search will be your friends in the quest for quality and low-priced bags distributors. In addition to this you can also search through the business listings and directories in order to find the right information about the dealers that can be encountered in your area. This way you will save up time, energy and of course lots of money that you can later on spend on more bags!

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Cocktail Dresses

The choice of a cocktail dress depends on your budget, personal style and the kind of occasion. Keeping in mind that cocktail dresses are to be used for semi formal occasions, generally the best option is to select one that is a bit too stylish for office, yet not erroneously considered as a formal gown. If the occasion demands a flashier look, go for a dress with remarkable details.

As you may use a cocktail dress for a large variety of occasions, it is good to get one that allows you to display your personal style. If you love patronizing the vintage style, find a dress incorporating retro details, like pleated skirts or a drop waist as in the dresses of the 1930s. In case you like wearing a different dress for every occasion, you would do well to look for the not-so-expensive stylish dresses, which may be used once and then discarded or donated. If you like the classic graceful look, you may consider some basic, everlasting dresses that can be suitably used for many years on a number of different occasions.

The budget is an important factor for selecting the cocktail dress. If you intend using the same dress more often, it will be a good idea to go for a highly reputed brand, using superior fabric like silk or shantung. It is worth investing in dresses made in major colors like red, black and tan, as these can often be used for various kinds of occasions in different seasons. When you want a rather casual dress, you should search for dresses having basic designs, which are easy to maintain and not too expensive. When used with the correct accessories, such dresses look quite fancy.

The appropriate length and the cut of the dress are very important for cocktail dresses. You should know that longer outfits are often thought to be too formal, except when it happens to be a long and flowing maxi dress, made using colorful cotton fabric that is quite suitable for events held during the summers.

If you like to have a cocktail dress that may be worn repeatedly, go for a basic dress offering endless variations. When you wear a simple and graceful dress, you can focus more on accessories like jewelry, purses and shoes. Dresses made in neutral colors like black, beige and brown are highly versatile, as these colors never go out of fashion.

When you want a cocktail dress for some exceptionally important occasion and you'd like to be noticed, look for dresses in bold colors having extraordinary details. Sequins, beading or embroidery in contrasting colors allow you to make a personal statement. The choice of fabrics containing stylish motifs in black and white also makes a whole lot of difference. On the other hand, using bright and bold colors like red, sky blue or amethyst will make the wearer stand out and convey a confident strong personality.

Your Smartphone Needs Protection - What Case Is Right for It?

It's thoughtful of you to have bought a new cell phone. But it won't be appropriate to call it just a cell phone, considering that this device comes with a central processor. Perhaps, it should be called a smartphone! Having invested a substantial amount of money, you wouldn't want this device to get scratched and have its looks spoiled. Once you accidentally drop this item in water or it just falls down on concrete, it may refuse to function and it might need costly repairs, if at all it can be repaired. It becomes almost essential to take better care of your new smartphone by procuring a quality case for its storage.

There is no dearth of stores, online or physical, which deal with cases for such phones. But you need to look for one that matches your budget and your requirements. Some of the factors needing your consideration are listed here:


Whatever the salesperson may tell you about any case, first of all you should find it appealing and convenient to handle. Beware - many cases tend to be slippery, meaning that your precious new smartphone has good chances of slipping away from your hand and falling on the concrete or in the bathtub. You may know that the part of the phone that gets damaged most frequently is its screen. So, don't get carried away by the looks and price of the case unless you find its handling convenient and safe.

Perfect fitting

You should ensure that your instrument perfectly fits into the case. At times, you may find that there is a small gap in between the phone and the body of its case, and it may rattle, making its regular handling rather inconvenient. The interior of the case may just be hugging your cell phone.


After all, you are buying a case to keep your phone protected from scratches and likely accidents. So, ensure that the case is made of some protective material, which wouldn't break easily and would provide adequate protection to the edges and the corners of the phone.


The case should be made of some long-lasting strong material, otherwise you might face the need for frequent replacements. A wide range of materials, from leather to different kinds of plastics, are used for making smartphone cases. The case should be able to retain the original looks of your phone for six months, at least.


You'll be amazed by the large number of designs and styles of these cases, giving you the opportunity to get one that suits your taste and lifestyle. And off-course, there are some websites that promise to make a case for your cell phone according to your design and specifications.

Choice of material

Leather makes an excellent material for smartphone cases. A leather case feels and looks good at the same time, which is probably why it is often the preferred choice of businessmen and consultants. Another popular options are the rubberized plastic and silicone, which are very durable materials. Som of their popularity is due to the fact that such cases come in a wide range of colors and designs.

How to Choose the Right Evening Dress

What woman doesn't want to wear a beautiful formal dress at least once in a lifetime? Buying a luxurious evening dress will give you the opportunity to be beautiful not only once, but every time you participate in cocktail parties, formal dinners, fancy beach parties or wedding receptions. Lucky for us, ladies, when talking about formal evening gowns, there is no limit to be respected.

Actually, you can select dozens of incredibly sexy evening gowns and why not, some plus size dresses if you simply do a bit of research. You might get confused by how many choices you have. This is the outfit that you will wear on formal events and it must fit different ones if you want to get your money's worth. What type of style should you be interested in? Should you follow any rules when you go hunting for the perfect dress that can still look good in a couple of years?

You can be happy because the choice can be quite simple. When you starting looking for that perfect dress, search for the following features: elegance, timelessness and a hint of classic. The most important thing is that it has to fit your personality. Find the one that looks good on your type of body and which makes you glow.

Below you can find 3 of the most interesting and simple tricks a woman needs:

1. Timeless is timeless

Finding cheap dresses is a good possibility, but you should be aware of the fact that getting a formal gown might cost you a lot. Like a lot! This is why you need to search for the timeless look. A dress that is made out of satin with delicate lace trimmings and a chic cut will make you look adorable, no matter the age. It doesn't matter if you go with the sheath dress that highlights your waist or with an empire or a vintage one. Go with the style that is trending at the moment, but which will still remain classy even after a couple of years.

2. It has to look and feel great

When talking about long evening gowns, you should know that there are fabrics that don't fit well to your figure. Thus, try to buy something that can fit your body. If the dress looks good on the mannequin it doesn't mean it will look good on you too. Discover your skills and highlight them while hiding the flaws.

3. Try something new

If you are interested in looking amazing, play with colors, cuts and styles. Lots of people imagine colors like red, blue or black when visioning a formal gown. Actually, even the dresses that have a neutral color can make an impact if they have the right details on them. So try something new and interesting, and you will surely not regret it!

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